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Here are a few things that make us happy in the city that makes us love K-pop.



Unistella takes nails to another level. If you like cutting edge artistry and nails that will make you feel cooler than ever before, this is the place. Unistella founder Park herself did mine, and the attention to detail and design was incredible. She is also the kindest and most stylish human being all in one. (I bought these Here / Now shoes immediately after seeing her rad ones by the way) Definitely plan to spend time here: manis run 2 or more hours. -SGT  


Chaum Clinic

They call Chaum the "Mayo Clinic" of skin. As one of my very in the know K-Beauty pals told me: "They treat it more like a hospital than a spa". Chaum does everything from anti-aging treatments (think botox and more) to health (disease prevention, etc). You feel the difference immediately as you step through the doors. I loved the Evercell Anti Aging Facial: there was a major emphasis on machines and face/neck/shoulder massage and by the way, no extractions. Apparently extractions aren't a thing in Korea? It was expensive ($300) but worth. it. -SGT


Shangpree Spa 

There is a lot of hype around Shangpree's facials but I really loved the body work. The Osmo body treatment included a full body scrub followed by a wrap (and not like the weird smelling seaweed wrap that some lower end places have - this was pleasant and felt like soft foil). Once your wrap is on, they place a personal sauna (looks like a spaceship!) around your midsection. I was dripping with sweat within ten minutes and thirty or so minutes later, I was ushered into a shower. I looked at my body and I looked like all my water weight had evaporated! Followed by a hard (lymphatic most likely) massage, I felt and looked so much lighter afterwards. -SGT


Gentle Monster 

If you follow us on IG, you will know my love for Gentle Monster runs deep. Not only are their stores all works of art (and thus extremely fun to go to / IG like it's the Museum of Ice Cream!) but their glasses designs are dope. It seems like there is something for everyone: smaller 90's inspired shades for Gigi Hadid, larger hide your face shades that I prefer, and many in between. The best part is that it's a luxury pair of glasses and half the price of luxury glasses in the States. MAJOR TIP: You can shop GM in duty free at the Seoul airport for half the price! -SGT