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The Studio Box


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The Studio Box - $50.00

Your customizable at-home mani kit

Currently available on Preorder. If your Studio Box contains a Summer polish color, it will ship the week of 7/15. If it contains a Spring polish color, it will ship the week of 7/22.

Your perfect at-home mani begins here. Inside The Studio Box 9-piece set you’ll find: our Nail Polish Remover Pot to erase old polish and prep nails, a Clean-Up Brush for easy touch-ups, a flat-edge Nail Clipper, dual-grit Nail File, and Buffer Cube for shaping and smoothing, The Poppy universal polish bottle handle, your choice of nail polish, The Top Coat, and hydrating Cuticle Serum with cactus flower. 

Your perfect at-home mani begins here. Inside The Studio Box 9-piece set you’ll find: our Nail Polish Remover Pot to erase old polish and prep nails, a Clean-Up Brush for easy touch-ups, a flat-edge Nail Clipper, dual-grit Nail File, and Buffer Cube for shaping and smoothing, The Poppy universal polish bottle handle, your choice of nail polish, The Top Coat, and hydrating Cuticle Serum with cactus flower. 

7-free,long-lasting nail polishes

Always cruelty-free & vegan

Why We Love It

  • Everything you need for an at-home mani with salon-quality results
  • Gentle and effective non-acetone nail polish remover formula
  • Non-greasy, fast-absorbing nourishing Cuticle Serum
  • Flat-edge Nail Clipper
  • Dual-grit Nail File
  • Dual-grit Buffer Cube
  • Clean-up Brush
  • The Poppy - our universal polish bottle handle
  • Nail polish color of your choice
  • High shine protective top coat
  • A built-in shelfie for your nail selfies (*phone not included)
  • Sturdy box for easy clean up and storage


"L.A. Girls' Favorite Nail Salon Just Launched an At-Home Manicure Kit" -

7-free,long-lasting nail polishes

Always cruelty-free & vegan

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Karen Y.
United States United States

So far so good

Love the box, and the polish is wonderful. Shipping took an awfully long time however.


Great set, great Value, Poppy is a GAMECHANGER

This set is worth every penny. The Poppy is a game changer-I have never been able to paint my own nails but with Poppy I can! The polishes are amazing--they give great color with just 2 coats and don't chip as easily as your standard polish. I also find the touch-up brush very useful and the box is a nice way to keep it all together. The files and nail clippers are nothing special, but useful tools and you can never have too many of them. I really got this kit because I wanted the starter set and cuticle oil and it was only a few dollars more to get the box set, but I am happy I did it. LOVE LOVE LOVE THE CUTICLE OIL--I haven't gotten a manicure in over 2 months after 5+ years of consistent mani's and my nails look great. My biggest issue with this purchase was the shipping--my order didn't ship for almost 2 weeks. I bought one box as a gift for a friend, but had to give it to her a month late because after 2 weeks of processing and a week of shipping to the east coast, it arrived almost a month later. O&J was not very apologetic or communicative about the delays--I had to ask and all they said was 'warehouse issues'. I expected better customer service & Communication--good thing their product is legit or I would have been very upset.

Tiffany L.
United States United States

Love love it!

I love my studio box! First off the box is adorable and sturdy. I love how I can keep all my nail supplies in one place. This Olive & June nail polish is a game changer. I love how thick it is and it lasts a long time.


Great for Beginners!

Short & Sweet: This box is amazing, it is the perfect way to get started on the at home mani journey! I highly recommend, especially to anyone just getting started. Long-Winded: I was skeptical that I would be able to successfully use the poppy seeing as I have never painted my nails well, but I thought if there was any hope for me then this was it. I decided on the box since I did not have any usable nail care or polish at home (only lots of old and expired products that I purchased after lying to myself pretending I would use them). I was so successful in painting my nails on the first try and the polish holds up so well that I was only repainting them once a week without reapplying top coat! My nail skills have lots of room for improvement, but my nails look fantastic regardless! Honestly, I wish I purchased the Everything Box instead, if I had known I was going to do so well painting my nails I would have loved to have more colors to play with (fortunately I can purchase them in sets... perhaps even build-your-own set in the future?). I chose TT for this box and I absolutely adore it, it goes with anything and makes me look so put together. I love that the polish is 7-Free and the polish remover is acetone-free. The nail polish remover works really well and the pot makes it extremely convenient to target problem nails if necessary (my only issue with the pot is small pieces of the sponge break off and get all over my fingers). I personally do not love the clean-up brush, it is not firm enough to clean away my mistakes (perhaps shorter bristles would help) so I have to use a Q-tip to wipe away the errors. I also put the brush in the nail pot which gave it a center part so I won't be doing that again. The flat edge nail clippers are definitely a game changer, I didn't realize how much better they were going to be than curved ones. The file and buffer work great too. The cuticle serum is incredible, it is so easy and fun to apply! I keep it at my desk during work and reapply often (I probably use it more than necessary, but I just really enjoy putting it on). I also think it is really great that the box is multi-function - it is great way to store the products and the phone shelf is a creative and helpful idea. There are so many products that come in really cute packaging, but you're either tossing it away once you retrieve the product out or you're keeping an empty box with no function so I was excited to see packaging that was attractive and useful. Like I mentioned in my short and sweet review at the top, I highly recommend the Studio Box (or the Everything Box if you know you will want color options right from the get-go) and I look forward to trying all of the polishes and products that O&J has to offer!

Keelin N

My Friday night routine

Before I had children, I had regular mani/pedi’s. Fast forward almost 10 years... 3 children, 65 hour work weeks, & weekends full of children’s sports, I had no time for my weekly manicures (reality it became 1x every 3-4months)... Then the O&J’s Studio Box arrived with the Poppy, Eva, Barrett, and the cuticle oil... My Friday nights have been forever changed!!!! My Friday night routine: kids to bed, tidy up, glass of wine (or margarita), date with Poppy, mani (and every 3 weeks a pedi)! It totally lasts over a week, but I redo it anyway b/c it is the little bit of ME time! I find it helps me relax. I got the O&J box - it’s 1x a week!!! Beautiful nails for me!!! Ty SGT xoxo

Teresa D.
United States United States

Lovely nails

I absolutely love this kit and the tutorial online on how to give yourself a manicure that is healthy for your nails. I have always given myself manis and this kit covers all bases. Also love that the product is healthy for your nails. I didn’t realize so many products were not good for your nails. I highly recommend!


So great

This box is wonderful! Each item is such good quality!! The nail clippers are strong, the file doesn’t wear out after one use, the buffer is really great, the cuticle oil is water based and doesn't dull your color, and of course the polish itself is just great. A super good deal for getting high quality items all together.

Molly V.

Never looking back!!

I am in LOVE with this studio box. My brother's girlfriend gifted it to me for my graduation, and it was the most amazing gift ever. I decided to do my nails step by step, as they so kindly provide instructions in the box, before my big graduation trip to Puerto Rico. I wore the BP color. LET ME TELL YOU. I don't know WHAT kind of intergalactic nailpolish this is, but I spent an entire week hiking in the pouring rain, jumping (and falling) into waterfalls, swimming through caves, going out dancing, sticking my hands in the sand, etc, and at the end of the trip there were still NO SIGNIFICANT CHIPS. On the very last day, a big piece chipped off, but only because the handle of my bag had sequins on it and by accident I got my thumb caught in between the heavy handle and my shoulder and the nailpolish got caught in the sequin (*sigh*). I NEVER WANT TO USE ANOTHER NAIL POLISH AGAIN. I will recommend this to everyone I know, I am so excited. Olive and June is killing it, seriously. Will forever be using Olive and June products and using them as gifts as well. (PS the cuticle serum is such a breath of fresh air, like a glass of cold water on a hot day...but for your cuticles.) Olive you, Olive and June :)

Olive and June

Thanks so much, Molly! We're so glad you love it as much as we do!

Ericka M.
United States


I love the box and everything inside.

Mae Hardin

Nail Polish Convert

I LOVE the kit! I am a person who has never been able to do her own nails, and had pretty much given up. I read about the kit in Vogue and decided to give it a shot. The polish is fantastic; 5 days and no chipping! I'm also a nail biter, and the cuticle serum has been a lifesaver. My nails have never looked this healthy, which is inspiring me to keep them looking good. My only wish is that you made more colors! I'm already planning to give this as a gift to friends and family.