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Q: How do I apply the nail art stickers?

Nail Sticker Mani on Polish:

1. Check your polish. Make sure it’s dry, dry, dry!
2. Carefully peel your sticker from the plastic sheet and place on nail.
3. Press firmly around edges.
4. Top coat with clear polish.

Nail Sticker Mani On Gel

1. Wipe surface of cured gel polished nail with alcohol and a cotton pad.
2. Carefully peel your sticker from the plastic sheet and place on nail.
3. Press firmly around edges!
4. Top coat with clear gel polish and cure again.

Like to switch up your mani up?
Skip the top coat! Use tweezers to remove old stickers, then touch up your polish and apply new stickers as you like.

Q: What’s the most flattering nail shape for me?

One approach is to mirror the shape of your cuticle line as a guide. Another way to go is to look at the width of your nail bed: if you have a wider nail bed, try round or square; if you have a narrow nail bed, oval or almond work well. But nails should always make you happy, so go with what you like. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

The basic options are:  

Round: Round is a classic shape that follows the natural shape of your fingertip. Try this if you like short, natural nails and do a lot with your hands.

Square: Square nails have a flat, blunt tip and straight corners. Try this if you have narrow nail beds or prefer to keep your nails short.

Squoval: The signature look of a squoval nail has straight sides and a flat, blunt tip like a square nail, rounded edges like the oval. Try this if you like the strong silhouette of the square but want something softer.

Oval: For those who like a round nail tip but like a longer length, oval nail tips follow the natural shape of your finger tip. Try this if you want to elongate the look of your fingers.

Almond: Almond nails are filed along the sides and tapered at the end to a rounded peak. Try this if you like a fashion-forward mani look.
Pointy: Think extreme almond. Nails are filed along the sides and then to a more dramatic point. Try this if you like a mani with some edge.

People are experimenting with new shapes all the time: Ballerina is a combination of Almond and Squoval and mimics a dancer’s toe shoe; Stiletto is an almond nail shape taken to the pointy extreme; Mountain Peak nails comes to a short, dramatic point, like a baby Stiletto.

Play around. There’s no wrong answer. The best shape for your nails is the one that makes you the happiest!

My cuticles are always dry! What should I be doing differently?

CUTICLE OIL. We’ve said it before and we will seriously never get tired of saying it. We live for cuticle oil. It helps your cuticles stay healthy-looking and hydrated, and that keeps your mani looking fresh. We like to use our cuticle serum twice a day. You’ll see an immediate difference -- a hydrated cuticle just looks healthier -- and even better results over time. It also works with the skin on the sides of your nails since it tends to dry out like your cuticles do.

Q: Is it ok to trim my cuticles?

Technically, sure. But truthfully, there’s not real benefit to it.

Q: Do I need a base coat?

These days it’s a matter of personal preference. Many of the polishes available today are actually formulated to do the job of both base coat and color. A base coat should hydrate and protect your nails, and also create a uniform surface for the polish to stick to. We like using a base coat when it offers extra benefits like strengthening.

Q: What's the best way to pick a polish?

Our golden rule: If it makes you happy, go for it. It’s the most fun part of the whole process. Color is such an easy way to express your style, mood, or celebrate a special occasion or holiday.

Q: What is the deal with 3-Free? 5-Free? 7-Free? 10-Free?

You may have noticed many nail polish brands call out that they are free from a number of harmful chemicals. Some formulas say they are free from certain ingredients but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are not using other ingredients that may not qualify as “clean.”

If you are looking for the short list of ingredients to avoid, here are the top 7 common ingredients that are also known to be harmful:

DBP (dibutyl phthalate) Known to cause reproductive harm

Ethyl Tosylamide: Banned for concerns around antibiotic resistance

Toluene: Known to damage circulatory system

Formaldehyde & Formaldehyde Resin: Known carcinogens

Camphor: A known respiratory irritant

Xylene: A known carcinogen

Q: What happens if I mess up one nail? Do I have to start over?

No way! If you mess up one nail, just handle that nail. We like nail polish remover pots because you can remove polish from a single nail without touching any of the others.  

Q: The polish always bubbles when I paint my own nails, what am I doing wrong?

You may need to let your nails dry a bit longer between coats. Also, make sure the polish you are using hasn’t changed consistency from exposure to extreme heat or cold.

Q: How long do I really need to let my nails dry?

If you have the time, a solid 15 minutes will really allow your polish to set. Nail dryers, cold water rinses, and quick-dry sprays and drops are all helpful in speeding the process along -- so does FaceTiming a friend, watching a movie, or catching up on Instagram Stories.