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Minty Lavender Tea

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The great floral escape. Lavender buds and mint leaves balanced with horsetail greenery come together to induce clarity and calm.

Believing that beauty begins on the inside, we created Minty Lavender- a unique mix formulated with beautiful, strong, and healthy nails (and skin and hair) in mind. Composed of flowers, herbs, and tea leaves this blend is delicious, delightful, and loaded with benefits.

Ingredients include:
Spearmint: nervous system regulator
Lavender: total system de-stressor
Peppermint: digestive soother
Horsetail: silica-rich superstar
Chamomile: anxiety eraser
Beet Powder: circulation strengthener
Nettle leaf: mineralizing detoxifier
Licorice Root: anti-inflammatory adaptogen

15 sachets per canister

Coming to your closet soon! This size will be restocked soon.